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Paris will burn
  • Comic 21 - Page 19
    7th Sep 2013, 8:24 PM in Chapter 1
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    Author Notes:
    zippi_bird edit delete
    You cannot believe how much trouble I had over this page- (recap- Rose has breakfast with her dad) First of all, the items on the table kept migrating to different places every time I changed an angle. I think I have some kind of spatial memory deficiency. Also, this is the most detail rich page i drew- did I really have to draw a pattern on the china set? And last but not least, I almost succeeded deleting this entire site, but thanks to the brilliance of Kyo our admin no lasting damage was done. Whew! I'm glad this is over.
    User comments:
    frogsnack (Guest) edit delete reply

    Saw your forum comment about readership and had to click on your comic, seeing as how mine over at smackjeeves has about the same readership and I thought we may have things to learn from one another.

    Also your name was awesome- vague and specific in tandem.

    Interesting thing about that china pattern- I didn't realize I had looked over it, because it was believable. What got to me a bit as an initial impression was that the lines don’t vary too much in thickness, so it’s hard to focus my eye on any particular thing on the page- foreground doesn’t stand out etc.

    However! The fact that you are working with many angles is really encouraging. I love the detail you’ve put into the backgrounds to create your world (something I myself keep skimping on to update on time, in all honesty ;>_>).

    I’m not on your comic site, so you won’t get the equivalent of a ‘subscribe’ from me, but please know that I will bookmark it and check in to see how everything’s going.

    If you have a moment, would you mind critiquing my comic too?

    Also, nice to meet you!

    -Lisa Z (Frogsnack of the comic Scholar)

    zippi_bird edit delete reply
    Thanks Lisa, for bookmarking my comic and paying attention to stuff. The line comes out unvarying as a result of using a rapidograph/technical pen for line art. I thought of switching to a calligraphic pen but still haven't decided about that- there's something about the line quality that pen produces I like.
    I see you've switched from color to B&W which is the opposite of my evolution process- my coloring got more complicated as I proceeded (though I think I v'e hit on a style I'll keep). I'm not really into manga though your style is pretty realistic in a comparative way. I like the costumes and settings, you have a cute dynamics going between your protagonist and his friends, but you need to work on the lettering and in action scenes you don't use foreshortening of limbs in motion correctly.
    Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
    My pleasure.

    I never did get around to trying a rapidograph pen, always wondered about them though.
    Thanks for your honesty about the action scenes, too (some of the prologue ones are really... bad!) But if I don't tackle them now and try I'll never be good at it.

    I also find that things I think are simple never are, and scenes that seem easy aren't, because I didn't realize I don't know what a nearby room or extra character looks like. I don't even have expression sheets for all of my characters yet, so very in-progress.