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Paris will burn
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    26th Aug 2012, 2:32 PM in Chapter 1
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    DAJB edit delete reply
    Nice first page.

    By the way, I know you said you were interested in comics with a historical slant, and I meant to recommend <a href="http://withoutmoonlight.thecomicseries.com/">Without Moonlight</a>. It's set in WW2 Greece and tells the story of a small group of resistance fighters, with many scenes based on real events.

    Tell 'em I sent ya! ;-)
    zippi_bird edit delete reply
    Thanks. I saw the comic and if I find the time I'll read it. I've recently read "Spies of the Balkans" that takes place just before the Nazi occupation of Greece- it a bit reminded me of it. Alan Furst is my favourite WW2 period writer - he's a hard act to follow.
    Stella (Guest) edit delete reply
    An intriguing start...looking forward to finding out what happens next