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Paris will burn
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    13th Jun 2013, 12:00 AM in Chapter 1
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    zippi_bird edit delete
    Interesting fact no 1: My dad once had a job calculating angles of cannons so that they will hit their targets. Apparently I got it wrong.
    Interesting fact No 2: The Franco Prussian war seems to me as a kind of grand rehearsal to the 20th century wars ahead. For instance, we associate trenches with WWI in France, but they were already in use during the siege as shown here. The Prussians in 1870 also had the advantage of Krupp steelworks for their artillery, a family firm that went on to become a crucial part of the Nazi war effort.
    User comments:
    vaslittlecrow edit delete reply
    Hey! I found you via webcomic Underdogs. I have a huge thing for historical fiction, so I am glad that I found The Mayhem Sisterhood. YAY!
    zippi_bird edit delete reply
    Thanks a lot! I really appreciate your work for the underdogs.
    vaslittlecrow edit delete reply
    My pleasure, and Marisa's as well.

    I went through your entire archives and I really enjoyed myself. I really appreciate your work as well.