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Paris will burn
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    6th May 2013, 7:19 PM in Chapter 1
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    Note: the Mexican campaign mentioned in panel 4 is this one. Yep, another spectacular debacle who's fault is good old Napoleon III.

    And another thing- when compiling my revolutionary playlist, I went searching for songs about teachers and education. And though almost everybody agrees those are important issues, there are very few positive songs about them. We all know "Another brick in the wall", but it seems no one has a kind word to say on a former teacher. At most, the teacher is an object of affection. I think that is quite unfair. I think people like Cecile, who truly have a sense of a mission , deserve more. And the fact that half of my relatives work/used to work/will work in education has nothing to do with it...
    Here's a song that's the exception to the rule