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Paris will burn
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    9th Apr 2013, 8:43 PM in Chapter 1
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    Author Notes:
    zippi_bird edit delete
    Here's a double whammy of video content as compensation for such a wordy page:
    First of all, Now that we are aware of some of Rose's backstory, I can reveal one of the women she's based upon- check out this cool video about her – at 1:44 you can see a copy of the permit she had for wearing men's clothes!

    Speaking of which, the city ordinance forbidding women to wear trousers was abolished two months ago! How crazy is that?
    So to all the brave women of Paris who have flaunted their pants without any fear of the damage to their reputation, I dedicate this song. I believe Rose would've approved of the scene where Joan gets kicked out of drinking establishment for wearing the wrong outfit.
    User comments:
    Rogue edit delete reply
    A historical webcomic AND Joan Jett? Yes, please!
    zippi_bird edit delete reply
    This song is actually part of a playlist I'm building up that's titled "songs for a wannabe revolutionary". Stay tuned for further additions.
    Songgu Kwon edit delete reply
    Songgu Kwon
    Traditionally, wearing pants can be very dangerous for women. Look what happened to Jeanne d'Arc.